About Wilson Custom Tree

About Wilson Custom Tree

Wilson Custom Tree has been in the Forestry and Tree business promoting proper timber management since 1990.  Forestry services that we provide include forest inventory/data analysis, management plans, assorted timber stand practices and harvesting operations within existing stands.

We also get involved with mature timber appraisals.  This is simply documenting and assessing sellable wood that is in the timber.  Examples:  Real-Estate Sales, Purchasing of Development Areas, and Simple Harvest Plans.

We are interested in any timber sales that people are having.  We mainly buy Walnut, Cherry and Hickory, but all other Hard Wood species are of interest.

We are a full line company from timber to furniture.  We saw our logs, air cure and kiln dry our lumber, then put into process for furniture construction.  Each and every person that we work for has an option to have a piece of furniture made from their own wood.  This is with a minimum volume requirement of 3,000 bd.ft..  We date the timber harvested and put the owners name on a plaque.   We have now added the abilities to custom engrave products with our CNC Router and also engrave with our laser.

We are involved in the sponsoring of softball teams, race cars, and are very active in the community.  We contribute by managing local events such as Norman Borlaug Days and Sweet Corn Days.  We are also members of ISA and Pheasants Forever.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to work in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We are bonded to work in interior Minneapolis, MN; Rockford, IL; Madison, WI; and other government agencies.

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) is an aggregate of several forest disciplines.  It may involve crop tree release, weeding, thinning, pruning or cull tree removal. It can be fairly simple to reasonably complex, requiring the services of a professional forester to insure proper execution.