Gunstock Blanks

Our "Gunstock Blanks" are all one of a kind.  Blanks are either air dried or air dried and Kiln Dried.  Prices range depending on the size and the character in each piece.

Cribbage Boards

Register, Vents & Cold Air Return Covers

Available in a variety of different wood species and sizes: Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Maple, Red Oak and more.  Sizes range from 2 1/4" x 14" to 4" x 14" .  Universal flat bottoms for the register and vent Covers.  Cold air return covers  8" x 32" to 12" x 32".  If you don't see the size you need, we are happy to make one just for you!

Fishing Sticks

A great gift for the fishermen in your family.  Use it to measure your fish, as a walking stick and as an aide for in the boat.  Measures up to a 21 inch fish.

Also available, the "De-Liar Fishing Stick" for the fishermen who lie about the size of their fish.  This stick will double the size of your fish, so now you don't have to lie, the stick does it for you!  Measures up to a 21 inch fish, but the stick says it's 42 inches.

Flag Cases

Has a spot on the front toward the top to put the "Branch" that your loved one served in. (12 3/4" l x 26 1/4" w)