Midwest Camp Foundation

Midwest Camp Foundation

Wilson Custom Tree is presently working to establish "The Midwest Camp Foundatin for Underpriviledged Youth', a qualified non-profit foundation, the primary function of which is to provide financial and recreational support to underpriviledged youth.

The impetus for the establishement of this foundation was Wilson's participation in the harvest of wood from a scout camp in Iowa which was damaged by a tornado.  Wilson obtained the exclusive right to harvest this wood, which has been certified "green" (environmentally friendly).  Wilson proposes to direct 10% of gross proceeds from the sale of all itmes made from this wood to the non-profit foundation.  The non-profit foundation is expected to be qualified as a tax exempt organization as described in Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).  All accounting, administration, organization and operation of the non-profit entity will be Wilson's responsibility.

The plan for supporting this foundation is as follows:  Wilson Custom Wood Products is working with customers to create unique products out of this green wood.  We are interested in working with customers that are looking for customized laser engraved products or other wood items that we can create from this unique wood.  We have a supply of "green" lumber of about one million board feet.  Species are Walnut, White Oak, Maple, Kentucky Coffee, Hickory and some Cherry.  Please contact us with any ideas that we could create for you.  We have  very good design personel and can create the unique piece that you are looking for, including a moc up for your pre-approval.

We have been doing fundraisers for High Schools in the forms of key chains and other entities with wooden nickels created to match their liking.  If this wood is used in the smaller items, the key chains and wooden nickels, we have enough wood to support donations upwards to Four Million Dollars for this foundation.

Help us Support this Foundation.

Below is a start to list of people that have bought items made from the wood recovered off the Boy Scout Ranch.  Their purchase(s) have led to a donation to the "Midwest Camp Foundation".

• Steve Bakken• Alician Balik• Naomi Bye
• Aaron Caubill• Jessica Cook• Louis D'Angelo
• Mark Davis• Dennis Deemer• Kelsey Durand
• E. Baker Industries, LTD• Field Dog Trailers & Kennels• Frank Marshall
• Doug Garrett• Carrie Giles• Gordon Green
• Keith Hampton• Quentin Harbison• Harvey's Car Sale
• Chuck Henneke• Bryan Herold• Lynsy Higgs
• Dale Hitchens• Howard-Winn PTO• Hindt-Hudek Funeral Homes
• Jim's Welding• Dan Kerska• Cory Kirkpatrick